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re: MEETING (IC, this friday)


  Hey all, Roland here.

With all the new faces and the fact I've been gone awhile, I really want to get a meet and greet going for not only me, but the other new faces. Something a bit less formal than the swearing in ceremony where everyone can mingle a bit and get to know others. For those of you that don't know, Roland was recently promoted to Xarriels right hand to help her run things and hopefully get some new stuff going. I want to meet everyone I can ICLy so I can see what we have and what direction we need to go. The promotion happened months ago but because of IRL and RBG, I just have not had time and the RP has suffered. So, with that, Im gonna slow down the RBG stuff (me only I mean) and just try and concentrate on the RP side of things. Ok so that is the OOC stuff.


   So the meeting is going to cover the anniversary stuff, divisions and the need for new leaders and maybe some IC clarification on what roles each divison plays. ROlands job is to assist Xar and SR wherever needed and he cannot do that without proper functioning divisions, this means getting those going and getting the right people in the right positions. We are gonna cover what is expected icly and basically just get the RP going again towards our anniversary.


Please please please try and make it. It will probably be at SFK like the swearing in and I also want to have a brief vent meeting after.

It will be a good time and everyone who wants to speak to everyone else may do so as well at the meeting. It is a totally open meeting.

Thanks all in advance.


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