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re: Jakko's Return?


Hello everyone!  Yeah, it's me.  Been a while, I know.  Like, a long while.  Like I haven't played the game in over a year.  Well, there's a long story behind that.

For one, it was the usual case of WoW-Fatigue; sometimes you just get burned out on the game.  Anyone who's played the game for any extended period of time has gone through a phase like that, no real shame in it.  Thing is, it was compounded by a few other personal issues.  Refer to my "goodbye" post for details:

Basically, I had just graduated college and felt kind of lost in life.  Still a little lost, to be honest.  But in the last year or so, a few things have happened.

For one, I now volunteer regularly at a city Animal Shelter, which was a good way of getting work experience.  The work experience is about to pay off because I've got a job interview this Friday to work at a pet store.  Not a glamorous job, I know, but we all gotta start somewhere.  Point is, I'm going to have steady income!  Hooray!  It's amazing how many problems money can solve.

Next, I actually have a new computer that, graphically speaking, blows my old one out of the water.  Yes, it was actually a surprise gift at Christmas.  So why didn't I come back around that time?

Well, I tried.  But I had to buy an external disc drive for one (this laptop is the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display; which means it's ridiculously thin and lacks an internal disc drive), tried to install WoW (I still have the discs for the game and all its expansions in anticipation of a new comp), only to find that, evidently, PowerPC is no longer supported by Apple.  I did some research and found that I would need Microsoft 8 AND Parallels to run WoW and that would set me back about two hundred bucks, money that I didn't really have.

Fast-forward a few months, I'm still unemployed, broke and really really mopey about it.  I sent in a couple of online job applications a month before and I was STILL waiting on replies.  I really missed the game and RP-ing with all of you, so it was really frustrating to wait for an answer, just an answer, on whether or not you've got the job.  Basically, I started tinkering with my comp to try and install WoW again; something I knew in the back of my mind to be a fruitless endeavor but I wanted to at least feel like I was accomplishing something even if I actually wasn't.  I wanted to try damn it.

That's when I learned about the digital downloader; a service that installs games digitally, no discs required.  World of Warcraft now runs just fine on my new comp, all without spending a penny on new programs.

I felt like an idiot.  To think of the trouble I could've saved myself if I had simply bothered to look through Blizzard's support forums more thoroughly.  I saved myself two hundred dollars at least.

So yeah, new comp, WoW ready to go, just put in some game time, sounds like Jakko's back, right?

Thing is, I know I flaked.  I lost interest in the game for a while, nothing wrong with that.  But I lost touch with all of you.  I don't wanna be the guest of honor in a pity party, but my only excuse is that I was depressed for a while and apparently I'm one of those people that turns into a hermit whenever they're depressed.  I realized recently that that's not really a healthy thing to do, isolating yourself from friends.  And I really do have friends in this guild, and I apologize for having forgotten that.

So am I back?  Only if you would have me.  I would love it if you did, but if you all feel like I abandoned or turned my back on the guild, I understand.  Mostly cuz I kinda did, and I'm sorry for that.

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re: Jakko's Return?


I wouldn't mind letting ya back in Jakko. Thing is we're on a different server if you were around for the switch from BWR to WRA. Truth be told, I haven't logged in in a while so likely all my toons have been kicked from sub rosa. I do know that Marin misses her brother tons and the rest of my toons miss Rikko trying to hit on them. God, he's gonna get along with another member named Ryst since they're both flirts. XD


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re: Jakko's Return?


*Offers a plate of SR shaped cookies* Welcome back Jakko! Suppose it's relieving making a return to the community of friends you shared memories with. I read you're thread post and the dismissing post in orientation you posted entirety. Just, wow... You did cover a lot of ground though and it sounds like you endured serious life endeavours but are providing a thorough explanation! You said you are a writer right, because it looks like you write, massive wall of text INC! I don't know really where to start, considering I'm a little late on you're initial post about going on a hiatus break and it's undefined when you will return. I'm sure since you came back, someone already invited you back into SR on WrA!

But with @Xelsamis said about us transferring realms actually surprised myself! At one time prior SR was on BWR? That must mean you are a classy chap member of our guild *Salutes Jakko with utmost respect like beams of holy light* ...Or uhhhm, you could get flashlights and reenact it that way! ^w^ If you felt out tune of how you got weary of WoW, that's understandable. I'm sure if you are experiencing some reality interference with job hunting and optimizing your PC's performance, just a few factors would make it pessimistic. That's great you discovered the digital downloader service for WoW - for that are you talking about the app you run on your desktop or separately something else?

Anyway, I have to agree with you that money can solve all your problems, feels like an monopoly - it is pretty much mandatory to have income in order to make a living. It is an necessity but with financial luxury - it isn't required but nice. They pretty much call it cold hard earned cash for a reason. In reference, reading your topic here - I hope you do get everything sorted out with getting employment and steer potentially to a rewarding career! Don't sweat it though, because there is always others' that are in the same situation or have it worse and will be asking themselves what you are. You should be able to pull through though, you seem to be really bright and have valued intentions on what you need to do next, you definitely have my prayers!

But apologies for sifting through what you said and attempting to respond to it all accurately - even if it's not all chronologically. I don't think I met you in-game yet but maybe I will see you more frequently now that you are back! :) Also I wanted to verify to you that my in-game name is the same as my guildlaunch account name - so if you want to hit me up and chat, I'd feel obliged to meet new and old players - avast me hearty! Take care!

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